[maemo-community] Community award: N9

From: koos vriezen koos.vriezen at gmail.com
Date: Tue May 29 23:21:29 EEST 2012

Also trying my changes with my efforts.

Been a member since 2007-05-18 (http://maemo.org/profile/view/koos/)
and most of my time spending on porting and further developing
kmplayer (http://kmplayer.garage.maemo.org/ sources in SVN, see the
SCM link). Did quite well during the maemo4 and maemo5 days (
A player you wont show your friends, but nice to have (as backup),
because not just gstreamer but mplayer and libflashplayer are
supported. And it doesn't use tracker, but a playlist that makes is
easier to link to URLs.

The project was originally started as test plugin for KDE's KHTML. Had
to learn GTK for the port, but also worked with other projects that
uses kmplayer as an optional play back service or enhance the playlist
interpreter for ordering possibilities for WorldTV.
In the mean time, the SMIL support matured a lot.

For the harmattan port, I mostly sacrificed my summer holydays, and
that only to get a tree like view in QML. OTOH the port back to Qt
went smooth. Does fine on
http://www.my-meego.com/downloads/search.php?name=KMPlayer given the
top-downloads. The files are on
https://garage.maemo.org/frs/?group_id=42 where I also sort of
maintain a mplayer build. No flash support until now.
Figuring out the multimediaserver DBUS API in the early days, and for
harmattan, getting the CPU load on par with the build in player, was
pretty time consuming as well.

Finally, I went to the Maemo summits in Berlin and Amsterdam, the
MeeGo summits in Dublin and Tampere. And keeping an eye on the
developers mailing list as talk.maemo.org.

Thanks for reading and regards,

Koos Vriezen
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