[maemo-community] Maemo Community Award

From: Francesco Vollero razorinc at gmail.com
Date: Wed May 30 14:50:14 EEST 2012
Hi Maemo community,

my name is Francesco Vollero (a.k.a fvollero). I would like to self
nominate to the Community Awards.
I never developed before on maemo platform and I think this would be a
must do to keep pushing the project.
What I would do if i will get accepted is to port one of my
application that's ready for other phone platforms such as iphone and
android on maemo.
I contributed in different opensource projects and I always thought
that maemo would be a great platform to do hack and develop
Obviously I guess this would be the beginning of a great "love" story
with maemo platform :)

Due to the structure of my project either N9 or N950 is good :)

Francesco Vollero
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