[maemo-community] [HFB] Some thoughts concerning "rules of engagement" that fall outside of the Bylaws document...

From: Sebastian 'CrashandDie' Lauwers crashanddie at gmail.com
Date: Wed Oct 24 14:09:49 EEST 2012

On 22 October 2012 19:48, robert bauer <nybauer at gmail.com> wrote:
> The Board meetings cannot be done on IRC - at least the Board members have
> to have audio.  If you want a free, web-based conferencing solution, you may
> want to look at www.concert-oh.com.  There may be others - I just don't know
> others personally is all.  WebEx charges for more than 3 attendees AFAIK.

I'm the lead dev/product manager for a VoIP solution. Our company
already tries to provide some services to certain FOSS organisations,
as a way to give back.

We are more in the PSTN callcentre/conferencing business, but if
wanted, I can see if we can setup a service for free for the
Foundation. I'm currently on holiday, so can't get an initial
feedback, so let me know if I should pursue this or not.

If you do want me to inquire about this, I would need the
requirements: number of people in the conference, type of access (PSTN
or pure VoIP, and countries involved), frequencies of the conferences,
storage requirements (how many hours per month, how long should the
recordings be stored, method of retrieval [email, ftp, etc]).

Just a note: I am not officially offering anything, but I can try to
see if we can provide such a service.



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