[maemo-community] Nomination for Hildon Foundation Board

From: woody-groups woody-groups at bearmetalcoder.com
Date: Tue May 21 18:20:36 UTC 2013
Despite recent events...

I also hereby announce my self-nomination for the upcoming Hildon Foundation
Board election.

My name is Craig Woodward, I generally go by Woody14619.

I joined the Maemo world as an excited N900 pre-order member in late 2009.  I
was mainly a forum reader and mild script editor for some time, mainly because
my RL work deals with micro systems, so the last thing I wanted to do when
coming home was work on more stuff for a micro system.

In mid-2012 I ran for Council and was elected one of 5 members for the term.
 During that term, three of the Council founded the Hildon Foundation to become
the legal body under which Maemo could continue to survive when Nokia decided to
pull the plug (which was announced as happening before we took that action).  In
addition to being one of the three founders of the Hildon Foundation, I am also
currently a director via late appointment, after Ivan's early exit.  (I'm hoping
nobody holds that against me...)

Currently, the Hildon Foundation board is in an odd state.  In part because of
inaction and/or loss of previous/current directors, and in part due to squabbles
over legal verbiage.  While all have played a part in that, I'd like to think
that my actions have been in line with the desires of the community.  I
frequently read the forums, am active on IRC, attend Council meetings with great
regularity, and work as an admin/maintainer for a portion of the Maemo system,
so am up to date on most tech-staff items as well.

My views on the community and it's future are very similar to many already
expressed by many candidates already.  We need am immediate focus on the
present, both in keeping current services running and getting the legal items
needed to continue to function as an independent entity.  For future goals, we
as a community will naturally grow toward another platform as Maemo ages.
 Weather that is Jolla, a MeeGo device, an independent start-up, or something as
yet not even visible in the market place, in the end that's for the community to
decide.  But I'm willing to bet that the direction will be pretty uniform when
it happens.

As stated in public meetings (both Council and Board), I am treating this as
both an election and an referendum on my current performance.  Regardless, I
will continue to offer my services to the community and those representing it,
for as long as they would ask it of me.  (As most past Council have and continue
to do.)
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