[maemo-community] URGENT: Director + Founders wanted

From: Gido Griese HiFo-Board at gido-griese.de
Date: Thu Feb 27 00:42:07 UTC 2014
Shit, ich kann nicht an maemo-community posten...
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Kannst Du da was an meinem account freischalten? - vermutlich nicht,
dann poste du das doch...
Gruß Gido

Gido Griese/Win7Mac

Am 24.02.2014 21:36, schrieb chemist:
> Hello Community
> I'm sure you already heard that Hildon Foundation is planning to move to                                              
> new grounds by transitioning to a german "eingetragener Verein" (e.V.).                                               
> (http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=91155) 
> This has become a pressing issue with the resignation of Woody14619                                                   
> (http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=92438), since with him, we also 
> lost some of our actionability for different reasons.
> Besides that, it is desired to have funds accessible where major costs
> for the maemo infra accrue, where the servers reside.
> As current HiFo board and council member, I am offering my services as
> chairman and an office address for the new organisation. Gido Griese is helping
> with the initial steps of founding.
> Fortunately, there already is a second board-candidate: juiceme, currently
> member of the Maemo Community Council.
> As the board for the e.V. is supposed to consist of 3 directors, 
> we need one more.
> If you're a well-known contributor on maemo.org and are able to support the 
> movement as a director or founder, please step up.
> Restrictions apply, though. As a founder, you have to be EU citizen, as a 
> director, you have to be EU resident.
> For now, the plan is to hold the kickoff meeting on tuesday, march 04 in                                              
> #maemo-meeting channel on freenode IRC.
> Regards,
> Ruediger Schiller
> --
> http://dostorugas.org
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