[maemo-community] Q2/2016 Council elections candidacy

From: maemo at pichler.co.uk maemo at pichler.co.uk
Date: Fri Apr 15 11:37:00 UTC 2016
Dear Community,

I am hereby announcing my candidacy for the Q2/2016 Council elections.

I have been a TMO member since September 2012, so perhaps shorter than 
most of you, and my contribution to the Community may not be as long and 
as great as some of yours. Moreover, I have been nominated a few times 
in the past and turned down the nomination, once even after initially 
accepting it but later changing my mind.

Well, I have been nominated again and this time I have decided to accept 
it properly and stick with it.

What would I want to achieve if I get elected? I do not have any big 
plans. The Community is quite mature and does not need holding hands. My 
biggest issue in the past was excessive censoring, but that has been 
resolved a few months ago. Consequently, my only plan as a Councillor is 
to provide a support role and serve the Community as best as I can.

Peter Pichler aka pichlo

[Sent to multiple recipient in the hope that at least one will receive 
it. I have had problems with my hosting provider's setup and Maemo's 
aggressive spam filter.]

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