[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Port of pingu

From: Fred Lefévère-Laaoide Fred at Lefevere-Laoide.net
Date: Fri Dec 2 18:09:30 EET 2005
Thanks Kuisma !

I was a little quick asking around & after thinking a little bit I found 
out what you knew (about available modes).

I don't think a games bigger than 10 MB would be a good ideao for the 
Nokia 770 ... except if there was a  lot of other very good games using 
Clanlib ...

I look around & see.

Thanks again


Kuisma Salonen wrote:
> Oh yes, I forgot to tell the most useful piece of information:
> To get rid of Xvidemode dependency I had to hack the autoconf file to 
> not depend on it and modify the part of sources which required it. It 
> was basically the resoluation switching (if I remember correctly it was 
> used only for asking for abailable  resoluations). Locating of the code 
> is rather simple, since error messages will point you there. What I did 
> was to put there hardcoded resoluation (800*480) instead of asking it 
> from Xvm. That's all I can remember without actual sources :/
> -- Kuisma
> Kuisma Salonen wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I've formatted a harddrive some time ago (and don't have the files 
>> right now), but here's a little story:
>> I admit that pingus is a cool game (url is http://pingus.seul.org/ in 
>> case somebody does not know) so I have checked how it would port for 
>> 770. I was able to compile the clanlib with some sourcecode 
>> modifications, but the shared object took more than 10 megs (ok, on 
>> MMC this is not that bad + I am not really sure whether it was 
>> stripped or not, most likely not). Next was building pingus itself. 
>> The problem was that pingus haven't been maintained properly for a 
>> loong loong time and it was written for older version of clanlib 
>> (which is source uncompatible with the one I managed to build).
>> Then began bigger hell: porting pingus itself. Since it was written 
>> for older incompatible version of clanlib I had to start porting it 
>> for the version i had (was 0.7.something). Even more awful, clanlib 
>> has some new architecture which requires more work. That was something 
>> I couldn't finish and it was halfway (or less) done. If (big _IF_) I 
>> manage to find the files from backups, I'll upload them somewhere in 
>> the case somebody would like to continue where I was left. And yes, I 
>> know this soulds little bit like a fish story ;)
>> Anyway, if you want to start from scratch, the path will be long. Plus 
>> I am not really sure of gained performance (the screen size is perfect 
>> for the game, but not really perfect for the performance). I have this 
>> little bad feeling that pingus tries to use page flipping (which works 
>> when HW supports such a feature, 770 won't support) so redraws are 
>> fullscreen, thus limiting the fps under 20 (+ with all the logic 
>> processing and internal draws it has to do it will be less).
>> But like I said in the beginning, porting clanlib is indeed possible.
>> -- Kuisma
>> ext Fred Lefévère-Laaoide wrote:
>>> Hi, I'm looking at porting pingu (this nice lemmings clone).
>>> It needs Clanlib & Clanllib needs X11/extensions/xf86vmode.h ...
>>> Any idea if I'm boarding a boat that will never touch a coast ???
>>> Thanks
>>> Fred
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