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From: Valtteri Rahkonen ext-valtteri.rahkonen at nokia.com
Date: Fri May 6 08:44:37 EEST 2005
Ferenc Szekely wrote:
> hello,
>  some of you in or out there may have an answer to Jyrki.
> br,
> ferenc
> FYI: There are a couple of shortcomings in current (public) Maemo SDK, which prevent compiling some packages:
> - http://bugzilla.scratchbox.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=114. 

This will happen only if we don't have dpatch installed in our target. 
If it is not installed you cannot satisfy the build dependency without 
force with scratchbox dpatch. Currently we don't have dpatch in our 
external SDK because we don't have any package that have it as their 
build dependency. If dpatch is needed it can be easily added to our release.

> - All packages don't tolerate Scratchbox's own ps and kill utilities. (These were removed in

There aren't so much packages, one option is to remove the 
/scratchbox/tools/ps link and use the targets ps with cpu transparency.

> - Some packages require automake 1.9.

In Sputnik scope there is none. Anyway if automake 1.9 is needed then 
someone should fetch that from somewhere and call it directly with 
automake-1.9 name.

>>From scratchbox pages I understood that at least the first two issues are fixed in Scratchbox 1.0. Do you know any other workaround?
> Jyrki

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