[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] GTK stock icon theme

From: Eero Tamminen ext-eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Mon May 9 10:42:37 EEST 2005

ext Florian Boor wrote:
> Hello,
> let's start to use the mailinglist :-)
> I'm currently porting plain GTK applications to Maemo and wonder why current SDK
> still uses default GTK stock icons in its theme.

We don't use stock icons in Sputnik because:
- Gtk stock icons sizes are wrong for us
- Stock icons make application startup slower. RC file parsing was by
   far  taking most time in application startup and stock icon parsing
   was 1/4 of that although in lines the >500 stock icon declararation
   were only 10% of the lines in the RC files.
- It adds more dependencies to the integration process (RC files are in
   theme packages and would need to be synched both with the icon list
   document and icon package)
- It would require creating a dimmed version of all the icons by
   the gfx subcontractor (or at least allow that, I'm not 100% sure
   which way it is :-))

 > Having the stock icons themed it is much less work to integrate
 > (and maintain) applications.

This would require OSSO to:
- Use Gtk stock icon names.  All our specification use icon names
   inherited from the s90 (Symbian) spec.  It would be major work to
   map the names to new ones in all the specs (they are mentioned in
   all the UI specs + icon list doc), gfx deliverables and code
- Make sure that things (names) we need to be added to the Gtk stock
   icons names are added there (in Open Source)

Or were you suggesting that we would support both OSSO icons and Gtk
icons separately?  This would increase the footprint somewhat...

 > Another important reason to do this is
 > the fact that you maybe want to switch to a different theme on the fly
 > which is much easier using a stock icon theme.

They would need to be of correct size i.e. the icons would need to be
created specifically for the device icon sizes.  If icons would be
resized using bilinear scaling, that is *very* slow for things like
Control Panel which shows a lot of them.

 > So are there plans to have this in near future?

At least they are not used for the Sputnik device.

Maybe later there could be "compatibility" icons for non-modified Gtk 
programs as well as skinning for Gtk widgets that were not used in

For later devices, I think the specifications & communication about 
their changes are the major bottleneck, not the actual implementation.

	- Eero

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