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From: Tommi Komulainen tommi.komulainen at nokia.com
Date: Fri May 27 11:05:19 EEST 2005
On Thu, 2005-05-26 at 16:50 +0200, ext Gergely Buday wrote:
> Hi there,
> 2.3 of the Maemo SDK Tutorial says
> ---
> The minimum constraints for supported hardware and form-factors is following:
> * Screen resolution of 800x480 pixels
> ---
> Is it so rigid? We'll have an ARM develboard with 640x480 resolution.
> I don't see a great difference between this and the required one. Is
> there any? Will I be able to use maemo on this? Or there is some
> important layout constraint that requires 800x480?

Yes, and no.  The UI layout and graphics are targeted primarily to
800x480 and 225 DPI.  Adapting to different resolutions works to some
extent, but there are certain assumptions and hardcoded values in
places.  These limitations will show up as awkward positioning of
widgets and some distortions in graphics, for example.

Especially the very high DPI on the N770 means the graphics and fonts
are quite large.

Tommi Komulainen                            <tommi.komulainen at nokia.com>

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