[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Hello world!

From: Aleksandr Koltsoff czr770 at iohazard.tts.fi
Date: Mon May 30 08:33:04 EEST 2005
Hello Avdpro

On Monday 30 May 2005 07:28, Avdpro Pang wrote:
> 1> Can I use Redhat Linux?
> 2> I know the API is fully C based, but I should can use C++ develop my
> games, isn't it?

The current sbox installation will go smoother if you're running debian or 
(k)ubuntu. There were some problems with gentoo at least, but I think I saw 
someone testing with FC3. Installing on debian is easier though.

As for the API, C++ includes the option of doing "legacy" function calls, so 
yes, you can do that if you wish. Note that at least in the x86-toolchain 
there is libstdc++, which is the C++ runtime. The toolchain also includes a 
version of gcc that does C++, so basically you should be set. If you decide 
to go this way, be careful about mixing C++ object allocation with the 
GLib-model of object creation/destruction/ref counting.

There are also C++ wrappers for GTK+ (gtkmm), but they're not included in the 
SDK and I doubt that they would be present on the 770 (other ppl might know 
better). You can of course build gtkmm inside sbox and use it as you will.

Maybe there are people on the mailinglist that have used gtkmm on maemo 
already and they can help? I've not seen or heard them yet :-).


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