[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] TI 55x free software compilers?

From: Aleksandr Koltsoff czr770 at iohazard.tts.fi
Date: Mon May 30 14:04:45 EEST 2005
Does anyone know of such beasts? The compiler from TI comes with the 
Windows-IDE and cheapest version for OMAP costs about 5400$ (plus it requires 
windows, which is a no go for me).

I know that bintools support some parts of 54x, but don't know whether the 55x 
will be run in a the backwards compatible mode in 1710 (also, dspgateway docs 
aren't too verbose on any issue, so maybe someone on this list would know 
where to point).

a "offline for a week now" k.

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