[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] TI 55x free software compilers?

From: Pierre Tardy tardyp at free.fr
Date: Mon May 30 14:37:57 EEST 2005
Aleksandr Koltsoff wrote:

>Does anyone know of such beasts? The compiler from TI comes with the
>Windows-IDE and cheapest version for OMAP costs about 5400$ (plus it requires
>windows, which is a no go for me).
There is a project to port gcc for the 54x of the neuros OSS audio player.
I dont know if the difference between the two DSP, and whether it will be easy
to adapt the port for the 55x.

For the neuros too, the fact that we need a Win32 system + proprietary/expensive
dev tool is a big barrier to OSS DSP firmware development

Pierre Tardy

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