[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] [Iscsitarget-devel] Core-iSCSi/Nokia770 bits

From: Nicholas A. Bellinger nab at kernel.org
Date: Sat Apr 1 01:37:53 EEST 2006
Greetings Ming!

On Thu, 2006-03-30 at 14:29 -0500, ming.zhang.china at gmail.com wrote:
> ps, u work on that Nokia 770 is cool! Though I have no extra money to
> buy one and play with. ;)
> ps2, I saw u release note claim iSNS support. What is the status?
> completed?

core-iscsi-tools comes with iSNS code/scripts that allow for automatic
registration/deregistration as well as listing nodes within the
discovery domain the initiator node is a member of, as well as listing
only target nodes + network portals that is useful for an initiator

Some of the scripting work that is left related to iSNS involves
presenting a list of target nodes + network portals returned via iSNS,
allowing the SAN admin of establishing sessions into these discovered
nodes along with authentication information, comparing the discovered
node list form iSNS against the current active or configuration defined
with the option to make iSNS discovery data persistent.

In the context of small devices like the Nokia 770, I imagine the iSNS
information to appear much like wireless information appears:  A list of
the available target nodes (access points), if the target node requires
authentication credentials (WEP/WPA keys) the user can enter this
information and have the option to save said information for later use.

After a successful login and LUN scan the newly detected LUNs would be
presented to the user and can be formatted if no filesystem exists and
assigned mountpoints that can be temporary or perminent.  I think
something also these lines would make iSCSI on easy to use on these
types of devices, as well as beneifical to iSCSI initiator nodes that
you cannot fit in your pocket. :-)


Nicholas A. Bellinger <nab at kernel.org>

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