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From: Crazy Boy crazymoonboy at yahoo.com
Date: Sun Apr 2 12:40:59 EEST 2006

I am using SuSe Linux 9.3 with kernel 2.6 version. I am feeling very happy to work with the Nokia 770 device.

I would like to install the Maemo SDK but I got stuck with the "Xephyr" installation. 

The tutorial says 
"Xephyr is pre-installed in the rootsrap, so just to make starting up Xephyr easier, create this kind of "start-xephyr.sh" script. Change the name of the target to the one you are using, here "SDK_PC":" 

But I can't find it anywhere. I also did not manage to install it myself it should be in the Xserver package, but that is installed already?

After execution of the "start-xephyr.sh" file at prompt(outside of scratchbox), It is showing the below error:
: invalid option.

After execution of the "af-sb-init.sh start" command in the scratchbox console, it is showing the below error:

[sbox-SDK_PC: ~] > export DISPLAY=:2
[sbox-SDK_PC: ~] > af-sb-init.sh start
<sbox-SDK_PC]: ~]>af-sb-init.sh  start

Note: For Remote X connections DISPLAY should contains host name!
Sample files present.
Starting Maemo Launcher: maemo-launcher
maemo-launcher[7199]: GLIB CRITICAL ** Gdk - gdk_display_close: assertion 'GDK_IS_DISPLAY (display)' failed
Starting DBUS system bus
Starting D-BUS session bus daemon
Starting Sapwood image server
Starting Matchbox window manager
Starting keyboard
Starting MAEMO AF Desktop
<sbox-SDK_PC]: ~]>matchbox-wm: can't open display! check your DISPLAY variable
sapwood-server[7243]: GLIB WARNING ** Gdk - can't open display: (null)
maemo_af_desktop[7280]: GLIB WARNING ** Gtk - can't open display:
hildon-input-method[7268]: GLIB WARNING ** Gtk - can't open display:

What I have to do to solve my problem? Please do needful. I will be waiting for your reply.

Thank you.

With best regards,
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