[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] neat device

From: Phil Cowans pjc51 at cam.ac.uk
Date: Sun Apr 2 20:12:06 EEST 2006
On Sun, Apr 02, 2006 at 09:38:32AM -0700, Aaron Levinson wrote:

> I'm pretty sure that both input methods are implemented in the same
> library, hildon-im-module.so.  So, unless they are separated into separate
> libraries, I would say no.  There are technically three input methods
> provided on the 770, the virtual keyboard IM, the handwriting IM, and the
> keyboard IM (known as XIM).  The keyboard IM is provided in a separate
> library, im-xim.so.  Also, there is a UI component for
> hildon-im-module.so, libhildoninputmethodwidgets.so.

Actually, I'm pretty certain that the GTK IM plugin
(hildon-im-module.so) is input-method agnostic, with
/usr/bin/hildon-input-method being the bit which actually processes
the input. I'm not sure how modular that is though, but the source
code isn't available.


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