[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Building maemo from cvs

From: Carlos.Guerreiro at nokia.com Carlos.Guerreiro at nokia.com
Date: Sun Apr 2 21:20:29 EEST 2006

> > On a related issue, I've been for some time tracking the move
> > to open development of the HAF through a build bot working
> > (mostly) from publicly available sources, in order to identify
> > and address the gaps. I'll post some info on that soon.
> It would be more productive to let it build from publicly available
> sources *only*. Doing so would prevent disaster like multiple packages

Yeah, I'm doing that too and that's just fine once you get close enough
to the goal and to sustain it. Before that, it helps to throw in the mix
some source code from free components not yet in open development to see
how they break. And to allow oneself to move on and identify further gaps
while waiting for a component to come out rather than getting stuck waiting
for it.

Anyway, that's more of a methodology issue. The goal is clearly to
make sure everything builds fine from publicly available sources only.

> needing stuff like mce, which is closed. Making dummy headers 
> available
> like nokia did for mce is a good start.

Yeah, that helps.


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