[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Using dbus-calls to switch to fullscreen and deactivate hardware keys

From: rene_becker at arcor.de rene_becker at arcor.de
Date: Tue Apr 4 12:57:32 EEST 2006
Hey everyone!

I'm now planning to do something like a kiosk mode, basically for browsing the web, to my Nokia 770.

I searched around a bit and it seems that for solving this problem, one cannot rely on the functionality of the opera browser, as it is given in the desktop version. Trying command line switches like -k or -nochangefullscreen just don't work.

Therefore i thought of the following: open the browser in a shell script, then switch the window to fullscreen using a dbus-call, and afterwards disable the hardware keys: Toggle fullscreen and the HOME button.

Looking back in the mailinglist archive, i found that disabling the HOME-button is already possible using a patch by Bejamin Zeller:


So can anybody give me a hint on how to do the above. Is there a tree under org.kernel.kevent which handels the key interrupts?

Thanks in advance
Rene Becker

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