[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Abuse on the ApplicationCatalog page

From: Aaron Levinson alevinsn at aracnet.com
Date: Wed Apr 5 02:08:25 EEST 2006
Some of you may have noticed that a certain application keeps on being 
added and removed to the ApplicationCatalog page on the Wiki.  Originally, 
someone (presumably the author) added Nokia Media Studio to the page.  
Then, someone else removed the application.  This has occurred several 
times since, and the remover has attached the following comments to 
different removals: "This is not Nokia 770 software.  And it violates the 
licensing of at least ffmpeg" and "it was not a 770 app".

While it is debatable if software that does not run on the 770 should be 
included on this page, the text that introduces this page doesn't state 
this one way or the other.  In fact, this is a maemo application catalog, 
not a 770 application catalog.  In addition, the person who removed the 
software claims that it "violates the licensing of at least ffmpeg", but 
no proof is offered, and even if such proof existed, I'm not sure if it's 
relevant here.

Unfortunately, it appears that this cycle will continue unless a change is 
made to how the wiki is maintained.  As an initial step, I suggest that 
only registered users be allowed to make changes to the wiki.  This will 
add a level of accountability to any changes.  If abuse continues, certain 
users could be banned from making changes to certain pages or all pages.

Since this particular software is related to the 770, and I suspect that
770 users would find it useful, I think that it makes sense that the
software should be permitted on the page.  The Application Catalog page is
one of the main places that 770 users visit to learn about 770-related
software, and if Nokia Media Studio cannot be listed here, I don't think
there is another appropriate location.  Also, by allowing anyone to
arbitrarily remove applications from this page, this may result in fewer
commercial software entries.  Maybe some individuals expect all 3rd-party
software for the device to be free and open, but this isn't necessarily
appropriate for all software.


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