[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] [1st post] Installing Perl on Nokia 770

From: Laurent MARTIN laurent at gide.net
Date: Fri Apr 7 01:10:14 EEST 2006
I've got some small apps written in Perl that I'd like to run on my  
N770. I've found some Perl packages here:
I've downloaded 3 *arm*.deb files but I don't know how to install  
them. Application Installer failed and I'm not confident enough with  
dpkg or apt-get stuff: any help with this?
Thanks in advance... And, yes, I'm a real newbie with development  
tools on the N770 ;-)
Laurent, Nantes - France
Apple PowerBook 12"
Treo 650 (unlocked GSM)
Nokia 770

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