[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Zapped wtmp...

From: Santeri Lindgren forge at olen.to
Date: Wed Apr 12 23:46:34 EEST 2006
Michael P. Lococo wrote:
>>> There's no need to link it to anything.  If the file isn't there, then
> logging is turned off - at
>>> least that's what should happen.
>> Wrong, this just deletes everything that is stored prior to this. And
> no, what you assume is
>>  wrong. Of course the log files should be erasable, and if user deletes
> the log file, then the
>> system should just start making a new one.
> Without addressing the question of what the behavior should be, man wtmp
> on my FC4 system states that logging is disabled if wtmp doesn't exist:
>        wtmp is maintained by login(1),  init(1),  and  some  versions  of
> getty(1).
>        Neither  of  these  programs  creates the file, so if it is removed,
>        record-keeping is turned off.
> If you've confirmed that the 770 handles things differently, that's useful
> information.  Your tone is somewhat excessive, though, especially
> considering that Michael Saunby's claim is supported by at least some
> related documentation.
> Mike

Sorry if it feels like that, it wasn't meant to be like that. But, yes, 
the wtmp is created after it is removed.

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