[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Too busy to accept help?

From: Ian vern at riseup.net
Date: Wed Apr 19 17:06:04 EEST 2006
disse  --> Murray Cumming

originais -> The Maemo community is alive, but not thriving as much as it could.
Perhaps there is some learning curve involved here. This has much to do with both language and
cultural differences I think. A lot of 770 work is done at INdT in Manaus and while this is
obviously good for the people/economy etc of Manaus it has difficulties too.
Perhaps the biggest one is the idea of instantaneous communications. The Amazon is like *big* so a
typical journey to the next town will take probably 2 days by boat.As such a couple of hours
either side of this do not make a lot of difference in the great scheme of things. Trying to
change this mindset is not easy as the Nokia guys running training sessions here can testify.
I am not making excuses for Nokia or taking a cheap shot at the Amazonhenses but just calling it
as I see it.


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