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From: Lorn Potter lpotter at trolltech.com
Date: Thu Apr 20 11:05:48 EEST 2006
Weinehall David (Nokia-M/Tampere) wrote:

> Just using plain Qtopia wouldn't have been an option, just as using
> plain GTK+ without Hildon wasn't an option; we had to use a UI that
> looks somewhat like Nokia's earlier products, without forking too
> wildly.  So the work effort would've been the same either way; the
> difference being that Qtopia would've incurred the added penalties
> of a licensing cost, C++, and of course the extra legal issues
> surrounding the fact that Qtopia is GPL, not LGPL.  The Nokia legal

Correction. Qtopia is dual licensed, commercial and GPL. GPL of course 
has no licensing cost. The only "legal" difference of GPL and LGPL is 
that GPL insures derived sources remain open.

Lorn 'ljp' Potter
Trolltech Qtopia Community Manager
Opie Core Developer

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