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From: Lorn Potter lpotter at trolltech.com
Date: Thu Apr 20 21:36:59 EEST 2006
Jussi Pakkanen wrote:
> --- Lorn Potter <lpotter at trolltech.com> wrote:
>> Correction. Qtopia is dual licensed, commercial and
>> GPL. GPL of course 
>> has no licensing cost. The only "legal" difference
>> of GPL and LGPL is 
>> that GPL insures derived sources remain open.
> There is also the problem of free software that is
> GPL-incompatible (MAME etc). They can't link against
> GPL libraries, nor will anyone buy a commercial
> license for them. Which means you are pretty much screwed.

No, this just means that MAME is screwed.
MAME has it's own legal problems, so I really doubt any company would 
take the chance on delivering that on a device.

Lorn 'ljp' Potter
Trolltech Qtopia Community Manager
Opie Core Developer

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