[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Internet radio application

From: Pinghang.Koon at tietoenator.com Pinghang.Koon at tietoenator.com
Date: Wed Aug 2 11:29:24 EEST 2006
I found this out after a while as well.
I have to add the internet radio from the web link using the browser, and add it to the favourite.

I used this link to add more accuradio channels:

In the beginning, I thought there should be a menu item for "Open Location".

Another thing I feel very strange is that, after I added 2 more radio channel, when I re-opened the Audio player application, there is only 1 radio channel displayed.  Is it a bug or a feature?

Yours faithfully,

Alvis Koon

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> Hi,
> Is there any way to add an additional Internet radio channel to the
> existing Internet radio application?

Yes indeed, this feature is hidden in audio-player's menu ('Track -> Add
to favourites').

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