[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] no file icon in context panel and navigation panel when using hildon-fm lib

From: Markku Vire markku.vire at movial.fi
Date: Thu Aug 3 10:25:11 EEST 2006

HildonFileSystemModel needs a widget pointer
in order to provide icons for upper layers
(that model you use when creating file selection).

So, you need to do something like:

model = g_object_new(HILDON_TYPE_FILE_SYSTEM_MODEL,
          "ref-widget", some_widget, NULL);
fsel = hildon_file_selection_new_with_model(model);

Hope this helps,


程波 程 wrote:
> when  using hildon-file-selection widgets to form a
> simple 
> file manager ,I add the widget to appview widget ,and
> write  a menu to operate files for the appview.
> When I start the simple file manager ,there is no icon
> for files .Such as when I have writed  a txt file
> named note.txt in the /home/root/MyDocs, there is no
> icon before the file in context panel and navigation
> panel .Nokia770 has a icon for differents file types.
> Could someboby give me some guides?

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