[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Unable to get access to Nokia 770 for test/development purposes - no reply from Nokia...

From: Miklos Tomka mtomka at fairholmeintl.com
Date: Fri Aug 4 15:42:14 EEST 2006
Hello all, and I apologize for this (slightly?) off topic email...
  I am managing a consulting company, and one of our projects is related to recommending a handheld / tablet based system ( to be used for a US university library intranet).
  We have identified the Nokia 770 as a perfect device for this application, and would like to purchase (borrow?) one to test it.
  Our challenge is, that we are based in Canada - and the unit is not (yet) for sale here. 
  I have contacted various people at Nokia ( using contact adressed from the Nokia website) - but did not even get a response.
  Could please anybody (at Nokia) tell me, if you are interested in potential university business in the US ( our clients would need about 20 units in the first phase, more later), and if yes, if we could get access to a test unit ( either purchased or as a loaner unit?).
  Thank you for any help in this.
  Best regards,
  Miklos Tomka
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