[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] SyncML for 770: SyncEvolution compiles and runs, but does not find address book

From: Patrick Ohly Patrick.Ohly at gmx.de
Date: Thu Aug 10 22:45:17 EEST 2006
Hi all,

my 0.4 pre 1 snapshot [1] of SyncEvolution [2] compiles fine with the
evolution-data-server and libebook provided with the standard
Maemo_Dev_Platform_v2.0_armel-rootstrap.tgz.tar. The resulting ARMEL
binary also runs on the 770 with official 2.0 OS, but it does not find
the system addressbook.

The only change that I made for the 770 is adding a configure option to
suppress the usage of libecal (--disable-ecal), so the code which
searches for address books is the same as on the desktop:

    ESourceList *sources = NULL;
    if (!e_book_get_addressbooks(&sources, NULL)) {
        throw runtime_error("unable to access address books");

    EvolutionSyncSource::sources result;

    for (GSList *g = e_source_list_peek_groups (sources); g; g = g->next) {
        ESourceGroup *group = E_SOURCE_GROUP (g->data);
        for (GSList *s = e_source_group_peek_sources (group); s; s = s->next) {
            ESource *source = E_SOURCE (s->data);
            result.push_back( EvolutionSyncSource::source( e_source_peek_name(source),
                                                           e_source_get_uri(source) ) );
    return result;

Is this something which should work with the Maemo port of the Evolution

[1] http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=146288&package_id=161067&release_id=437512
[2] http://www.estamos.de/projects/SyncML/
Bye, Patrick Ohly
Patrick.Ohly at gmx.de

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