[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Streamtuner build 5 available with SHOUTcast support

From: Olivier ROLAND olivier.roland at laposte.net
Date: Mon Aug 14 00:30:27 EEST 2006
For end users :

Try it : https://garage.maemo.org/projects/streamtuner/

New features :
* Add Shoutcast channel
* Add Italian translation (Thanks to Fabio Viola)
* Add Automatic connexion

Installation instructions :
(1) this version need mplayer binary for nokia770 (garage version) to be 
present in your Documents folder.
(2) you need to remove .streamtuner directory in /home/user before (or 
after) installation if you have installed a previous version of streamtuner.

Maybe usefull for other developers :

Adding SHOUTcast support on NOKIA 770 was not easy :
iconv -l result is a bit disappointing
No native support in maemo libc for Window-1252 =-O
So i need to recompile libiconv and i use the libc plug/override mode 
with LD_PRELOAD hack.
That's why the binary of streamtuner is three time bigger (not because 
of SHOUTcast plugin)

Please NOKIA Team, add Window-1252 in the next release.

Enjoy and stay tuned.

Olivier ROLAND.

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