[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] [maemo-users] TuxPaint for Nokia 770 2006 edition, released

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at movial.fi
Date: Mon Aug 14 16:31:04 EEST 2006

> When the user press the hardware Home button, TuxPaint continues to run
> in the background and the user must kill it through a terminal with
> killall -9 tuxpaint
> or reset the device.
> I've tried unsuccessfully differente approachs (libosso), if you know
> how to solve this, please let me know.

Below is copy of my earlier mail to the devel list.
(I think the info is also in Maemo wiki somewere)
It tells how to get back to the application.

	- Eero

I spent a while debugging why I cannot switch back to SDL window
from which I've switched away, and noticed that it's actually
easy to fix.

Application switcher needs to know which window matches to which
.desktop file.  This is done using the standard WM_CLASS X property.
So, e.g. to be able to switch back to the Bomberman game, you
need to...

Add following line to Bomberman .desktop file for application switcher:

And ask SDL to use that WM_CLASS definition for the Bomberman game
window through an environment variable by adding following line
to the "launch-bomberman" script:
export SDL_VIDEO_X11_WMCLASS=Bomberman

I.e. only two lines need to be added and no actual code needs to
be changed!

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