[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] xmlrpc-c strange error.

From: Beth beth.null at gmail.com
Date: Tue Aug 15 12:22:12 EEST 2006
Hey, thanks for the comments.

Corentin, I want to stick to C, so C++ will be my last change, I
prefer C++ but with Gtk on C  I don't want to mix them, I know that is
not a good or bad reason, I think that programmers (at least me) make
some strange decisions ;). ( I know that Gtk-- exists, but again, as I
usually say, multiples choices for doubtful person are bad things ;)

Santtu, I don't know that there was a packaged .deb version of the
library, so I downloaded the latest version, compiled it, take an
example and used it directly inside my code, and did not work ;), the
same process with the 0.9.1 version and works, so maybe I made a
mistake during the compilation/installation, or something else but now
the example works.

Also, the latest version of xmlrpc-c  have a refined api, and I think
that is more clean, for example the "parse value" functions are more
elegant at the newer version. But the primary target was getting
xmlrpc working, more easy or difficult but working.

So, thanks for all ;).

On 8/14/06, Santtu Lakkala <inz at inz.fi> wrote:
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> Beth wrote:
> > And better, do you know a xmlrpc library that is tested and works
> > under maemo/hildon/arm...?
> I have successfully used xmlrpc-c with maemo/mistral in maemo-blog[1]. I
> can't really tell what is the problem with your setup though; but
> xmlrpc-c can be used on maemo 2.0 and nokia 770. The sources[2] for
> maemo-blog are available too. The deb packages I made and used are in
> maemo-hackers repository[3].
> [1]: http://maemo-hackers.org/wiki/MaemoBlog
> [2]: http://maemo-hackers.org/browser/maemo-blog
> [3]: http://maemo-hackers.org/apt/pool/main/x/xmlrpc-c/
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