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From: Charles 'Buck' Krasic krasic at cs.ubc.ca
Date: Thu Aug 17 19:32:52 EEST 2006
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I'm very interested in the fact that you were able to rebuild the
xserver and run it.     I found the build instructions in your
http://thelemming.org.uk/maemo/btmice/maemo_mouse_readme.txt file.

Can anyone comment on whether running such an X server on the 770 will
have any significant missing features or problems relative to the
official xserver-omap distributed by Nokia?

I am among those that would very much like to see a working Xvideo
extension on the 770.    Jussi Laako's recent comments make me hopeful
that this could be a feasible undertaking.     A little guidance from
Nokians would be immensely helpful here.  Can we expect an XVideo
implementation (or some other substitute) from Nokia anytime soon?  
If not, can you at least comment on whether you see any fundamental
technical problem that would prevent using the YUV support in the fb
driver to implement Xvideo in xserver-kdrive?

I started to try an alternate approach, to implement a general
RGB->YUV converter in the DSP, but that has been very slow going.  
I'm not an expert on DSP programming, and there seem to be lots tricky
issues.   The 16 bit byte thing is brutal.    Pointer arithmetic in
the DSP C compiler seems completely broken. Memory constraints are
also crazy... it was nasty just being able to mmap() more than 64k
using the dsp gateway.    In short, it is a b**ch.

I had considered attempting Xv first, but the amount of missing
information dissuaded me.     Given the grief associated with
developing for the DSP, I'm inclined to reconsider.

- -- Buck

Gareth Bailey wrote:

> Hello,
> I've recently been working on getting a bluetooth mouse to work
> with the 770. I have somthing which now works however it's not
> entirely pretty and unfortunatly needs modification to the kernel
> and the xserver. For any one who's interested here's what I did to
> get it working:
> Firstly it helps if you can see a cursor, the cursors on the 770
> are just themed to be transparent so commenting the line reading
> 'Inherits=xcursor-transparent' in
> /home/user/.icons/default/index.theme" will get them back.
> I then tried to use a bluetooth mouse straight off just doing a
> "hidd --connect" with no luck. Next I had a dig arround in the
> xserver source code and found that support for the either touch
> screen or mouse was enabled at compile time so I switched it back
> to using the mouse recompiled and tested, this worked well enough
> for the mouse but the touchscreen obviouly no longer worked
> correctly.
> My next step was to try to change the device driver for the touch
> screen to behave more like a mouse. I took this step because at
> first thought there is a problem in that the device files for the
> mice are not created until they are connected to the 770 this means
> that you must use /dev/input/mice to get input from the mice.
> This is a problem since the touch screen also reports to
> /dev/input/mice so my initial thought was to change the touch
> screen to actually behave like a mouse. I got somewhere near
> working with this but the driver got out of sync with the xserver
> very quickly and was unuseable.
> Incidentally why does the touch screen report to a mouse file when
> it doesn't behave like a mouse? This seems strange to me. Does
> anyone know of a way to make it report just to a /dev/input/event*
> file? Or have any infomation on how the input system reports to
> the /dev/input/mouse* files so it could be disabled in the driver?
> I couldn't work it out from the source and could find no
> infomation/documentation regarding how evdev/mousedev work.
> Anyway...
> Next I tried to modify the xserver to use Tslib for
> /dev/input/event2 (the touch screen) and the mouse driver for
> /dev/input/mice. I got this working but since the touchscreen also
> reports to /dev/input/mice I had to disable the absolute coordiate
> reporting in mousedev in the kernel. Not entirly pretty but it
> works.
> Instructions and files needed for trying or building it are at
> http://thelemming.org.uk/maemo/btmice/
> Opinions, comments, feed back, sugestions on different/'nicer'
> aproaches to this, are very welcome and wanted! Hope someone finds
> it interesting/useful.
> Thanks for reading, _______________________________________________
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