[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] new application installed on nokia 770

From: Dionisis Petromanolakis dpetroma at unipi.gr
Date: Fri Aug 18 13:36:29 EEST 2006
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  hi all,

  i have made a test application and i have installed it in nokia 770. I did everything i had to do in order to create a .deb package with armel and i moved it to memory card of the device. then i open the file with the application manager and i installed it successfully according to the message i get from the device. My problem is that i cant (or i dont know how to start the application).

  Also i didnt create a seperate folder for gui programs, a .h file for application data and a separate main file for initializing them, as in the maemopad example. Is this a problem. I only created a main file that contains everything. Also the application works fine in maemo (SDK_PC) but i dont get any graphical interface in armel (SDK_ARMEL). Do i have to create those files and folders in order everything to work fine?

  thanks in advance


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