[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Future features for Maemo Desktop (TaskNavigator, Home, Status bar)?

From: Karoliina.T.Salminen at nokia.com Karoliina.T.Salminen at nokia.com
Date: Mon Aug 21 16:02:11 EEST 2006

Thanks for so far your replies, I have got a large number of feature
proposals already.

I am still accepting feature ideas to my roadmap, so please keep on
posting them on the list. What would you wish from your dream-device in
terms of UI framework (Task Navigator, Home, Status bar, Control panel)?
Is there something you would like to have done better or something that
you'd like to have to be done in a completely different way? Don't limit
your imagination to how e.g. Task Navigator works now, but think how it
would ideally work, without the limits? What would be ultra-cool there?
Please think it also out of context of the current hardware, you can
suggest also ideas that would be nice on the platform despite they
aren't really realistic with the current 770 hardware. Any cool ideas
are warmly welcome.


Best Wishes,
Karoliina Salminen

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