[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Modified initfs with onscreen boot menu

From: Jason Mills jmills at vmware.com
Date: Tue Aug 22 00:08:10 EEST 2006
So, assuming you had the correct partitions set up on an RS-MMC/MMCmobile
card beforehand...
You -could- install the modified "bootprompt" initfs to the 770's flash
-once-, and then ship releases of Sardine in such a manner that all you'd
need to do is `dd` the various stages to high(er) numbered partitions on the
card. Extra points to Nokia/Maemo.org if they add this loader code into the
flasher application. ;-)
Swap cards, and you can boot to Sardine. Swap them back, and you have your
regular environment.
"... And n'er the twain shall meet." (R. Kipling)
As an added benefit, the flash memory blocks you're burning out by reflashing
constantly are on the RS-MMC/MMCmobile card, and //NOT// on the board-mounted
flash memory. :-)
If my math is right, you'd need an RS-MMC/MMCmobile card of at least 256 MB.
Street cost of these is negligible compared to the cost of the 770.
That would give you:
 xxx    12 MB (256,000,000 Bytes vs. 256 MB "loss")
 P0      -    DOS Partition Table Descriptior
 P1p*   48 MB "Memory Card" fs
 P2p     4 MB (Sardine initfs + scratch)
 P3p   128 MB rootfs+userfs
 P4E     -    DOS Extended Partition Table Descriptor
 P5e    64 MB swapfs
       256 MB
Anything above that point would be partition 6 (extended), and non of the
OS's business. :-)


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Sent: Mon 21-Aug-06 12:58
To: Marius Vollmer
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Subject: Re: [maemo-developers] Modified initfs with onscreen boot menu

> Marius Vollmer <marius.vollmer at nokia.com> writes:
> > Also, I already have a small UI improvement suggestion: what about
> > always showing the boot menu, not only when you hit the MENU key?  I
> > tend to miss the window where the key needs to be pressed all the
> > time.  Maybe the menu could be shown when the root device is "ask"?
> Here is a small patch to implement this.
> --- bootmenu.sh       2006-08-13 10:50:06.000000000 +0300
> +++ bootmenu-ask.sh   2006-08-21 18:17:30.000000000 +0300
> @@ -110,8 +110,8 @@
>      i=$((i+1))
>  done
> -#show onscreeen menu if menu key was pressed
> -if [ "$HWKEYSTATE" = "$KEY_MENU" ] ; then
> +#show onscreeen menu if menu key was pressed or when the root device is
> +if [ "$HWKEYSTATE" = "$KEY_MENU" -o "$default_root" = "ask" ] ; then
>       menu_init
>       menu_redraw
>       menu_loop

Frantisek, Marius, that's fantastic work!
This is a key piece of work to enable people to try out and follow up
Sardine on the 770 without having to give up using it. I'm going to try
it out ASAP :-)

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