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From: Alessandro Ikeuchi aikeuchi at santanderbanespa.com.br
Date: Mon Aug 28 21:28:16 EEST 2006
Ok, Maemo docs sucks, the SDK sucks and the Hildon stuff looks like a colony of ants...
I bought Nokia 770 because I believe OPEN SOURCE, so, Nokia is using it, isn´t? Where are the sources? The lack of docs could be covered by releasing the sources...
I just wanted to build my own text editor with dead keys support for my bluetooth keyboard, but even the Maemopad example doesn't work properly (try to change font color).
Unicode only works for the xterm, and worst, Notes does dead keys for screen keyboard, so, why is so hard to adapt Maemopad for dead keys? (by the way, I made a working version of Maemopad with GTK for my Linux x86 box that works as planned, so I am sure that's not me...)

"Nokia 770 is Debian based, Alessandro, should be great!"... It´s a piece of crap, I never used because I can´t find or port applications of my interest... There´s no surprise that "REAL AND USEFUL APPLICATIONS" never appears at maemo repository (with some exceptions)

MY SUGGESTION FOR THE NEXT RELEASE OF shitOS 2007:  Forget about Hildon, forget desktop, give me a console based OS with Lynx, vim, python (python for OS 2006 appears in Maemo 2.0 repository, forget it, there´s no Python version for OS 2006, even the list isn´t properly updated) and UNICODE support, would be great if CURSES is available too, or better, with a good framebuffer driver. It would spare Nokia budget and make the plataform usefull and with lots of space... Besides, with a real open source OS and simple developing tools I would try QTopia. The exceptions mentioned above are CONSOLE and X11 programs, as python, smallbasic, octave, gnuplot... If you are a Hildon developer/mantainer pay attention: the best released applications are Console based! With no fear, Hildon sucks and it's the weakspot of Nokia 770...

Someone just confirm that I can´t get Notes sources and I'll sell my useless Nokia 770 and buy Samsung Q1 (try this one if you don´t have Nokia, believe me, the lower price of Nokia doesn't beat the ease of development of a Win32 x86 platform, forget the "linux, open source and free for all stuff", Nokia 770 is not that). And yes, I am pissed off... I really bought Nokia 770 for my personal business purpose, confident about the "debian based" OS... Hacks are good when works and when you have control (sources), otherwise it's non sense time spending... (try to discover why GTK API works in your Linux x86 and doesn't in OS2006 is a good mental exercise if you have 18 hours free per day, because nobody knows and you will never see the platform sources).

My opinion is clear: Nokia 770 won´t prevail with these development policies. I won´t use it and I don´t recommend as plataform for anyone, it's just a annoying gadget, do yourself a favor and buy a PSP instead (at least runs win95 with bochs and have nice 3d games).

Alessandro - unhappy owner of a nokia 770 since June/2006

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