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From: Alessandro Ikeuchi aikeuchi at santanderbanespa.com.br
Date: Mon Aug 28 23:19:16 EEST 2006
Nice??? I would never criticize someone that I don´t know... I am just telling some truths that others should know.
I am pissed off with Nokia 770...Hildon is pure trash, that´s it... I see everyday in the list, only more bugs and flaws... Don´t you agree?
Where are Hildon developers? Where are the sources? If the list is mainly for Nokia employees, sorry to say the truth: the work of support and develop OS2006 is incompetent. How they expect us to port apps with such lack of support and no system source codes?

If someone hack and build another option than OS2006 I would migrate immediatelly! Even if for pure console apps...

I am unhappy owner of a nokia 770... Just that, no concerns about anyone in the list or community...
It´s a great hardware concept with a poor software development and policies, if someone of Nokia feel offended, no problems, every day I feel offended when I remember why I acquired Nokia 770...
And I never got a reply too...

And my attitude is important! As consumer is my duty to advise other possible consumers of what nokia 770 really is and what kind of problems exists. As consumer I am (I'll gently correct you) DEEPLY frustrate and angry, things costs money and I wasted mine, and worst, wasted time trying to port my apps... I work and I don´t have 18 hours per day to figure out why the Nokia API sucks... That´s not supposed to be GTK compatible? Release the sources is the natural way to evolve Maemo... Keep then and good luck for Nokia, I won´t use and won´t recommend...

Now I understand Linux purists, they are right, it´s just terrible when you don´t have control... 

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> Alessandro - unhappy owner of a nokia 770 since June/2006

Dude, be nice. 

The attitude you show in this post would not benefit any community.

It sounds like you're angry and frustrated about something and just dumping that into the mailing list. If you attack someone, they will defend. This is not the way to get answers or make friends.
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