[maemo-developers] [maemo-users] RE: [maemo-developers] Future features for Maemo Desktop

From: Eduardo de Barros Lima eblima at gmail.com
Date: Tue Aug 29 00:55:59 EEST 2006
On 8/28/06, Alessandro Ikeuchi <aikeuchi at santanderbanespa.com.br> wrote:
> Bah...
> My future features are more realistic:
> -source codes;
> -more reliable API docs;
> -more reliable SDK docs;

Instead of complaining about everything and blaming everyone, you
could use your time to do something more productive (e.g., googling).
Have you discovered one of the following pages?


There are a lot more. I'm sure you'll find them.

Best Regards,

Eduardo de Barros Lima
eblima at gmail.com

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