[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Thunar

From: Michael Wiktowy michael.wiktowy at gmail.com
Date: Tue Aug 29 01:04:45 EEST 2006
Has anyone ever looked at porting Thunar over to the 770?

If a direct port is unweildy, the layout of the panels look like a cleaner
way of organizing the file manager on the 770.

The current one is pretty good but it typically requires a whole lot of
repeated scrolling and digging to find anything. It would be nice to be able
to set file system bookmarks and use those rather than a fake expanding tree
with the weird MyDocs/.documents abstraction that goes on currently.

Also an advanced checkbox that turned the "Filesystem" bookmark on and off
might preserve that ignorance-is-bliss feeling for those that like that sort
of thing.


Just a thought as it looked like a nice fit with the 770 OS and libs.

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