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From: Paulo Pires pjpires at gmail.com
Date: Tue Aug 29 15:03:19 EEST 2006
I agree with Alessandro in most of his points, but imho you (Alessandro)
should be far more reasonable and polite because that's not the correct way
for anyone to put their issues/suggestions/critics.
It's sad that such a rich opinion had to be written in such terms.

If you're unhappy with your Nokia 770, sell/destroy/give it. But please
don't try to convince anyone that you were forced or taken in mistake to buy
it, ok? Cause we all know what we can and what we can't do ATM with this
device, but we (the people who follows this list, irc channels, etc) see
everyday the efforts made by Nokia employees so that this product keeps
getting better and better each day.

- Paulo Pires
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