[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Re: [fbreader] ZBedic integration

From: Kasper Souren kasper.souren at gmail.com
Date: Wed Aug 30 09:26:43 EEST 2006
> I hope, the next release will contain same feature for Nokia 770 --
> with maemodict. (Btw, does mamodict work on Maemo 2.0?)

My laptop is still lost in transit :(
So I'm trying to get myself to directly do stuff on the N770. Which sucks.

I am getting closer to getting MaemoDict to run on Maemo 2.0.
But it seems that the binary dictd I'm using is not working. Probably
due to arm/armel differences. I haven't even been lurking on
maemo-developers. I did a quick search but couldn't find useful

When I try to start /usr/bin/dictd I get:
/bin/sh: /usr/bin/dictd: not found

dictd is simply taken from the Debian package for the arm
architecture. That is probably the problem here. Is it somehow easy to
get dictd for armel? I guess it can be done easily inside a scratchbox
environment. But not by me, I don't have my own laptop. I can sort of
use some MacBook, but no chance of installing a free operating system
on it.


P.S. Anyone knows where I can buy a small and easy laptop without
Windows or other proprietary OS? Cheap, and preferably from a store in
NYC (or Philly, or on the way West).

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