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From: Kalle Vahlman kalle.vahlman at gmail.com
Date: Wed Aug 30 10:29:26 EEST 2006
2006/8/30, Eero Tamminen <eero.tamminen at movial.fi>:
> Hi,
> >> But you do have!  Just click the "LXR" link on the left of the
> >> tutorial page.  The Hildon framework sources are publicly available
> >> (and have been for a long time).
> >
> > Unfortunately when people say "sources for 770" they do tend to mean
> > IT200x (the product) too and not only Maemo (the platform).
> Yes, but the section that had been quoted, was titled:
>  "Main differences between Gnome and Hildon application framework"
> IMHO one would need to be pretty blind not see that the title was:
>     Hildon application framework
> instead of:
>     ALL the software on an Open Source based Commercial product
>     with proprietary components
> :-)

While your good faith in humanity is refreshing and an admirable
additude ;), I'm afraid that people really ARE that blind when they
have certain expectations already. The expectations were/are generated
by the news all over internet, and community blog aggregation sites
are not the smallest medium of generating expectations. For example,
LinuxWorld review starts with:

"What's particularly compelling about the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet is
that it's not only the first to be billed as an "Internet Tablet," but
also its software is built entirely from open source components."

so it's only natural to be fooled. I don't mean to blame anyone for
misinforming, not at all, but the only spot where this misconception
and generalisation possibly could have been prevented was in the
initial introductions. And knowing how accurate the media can be in
its articles regardless of the facts given to them, it's not realistic
to believe it would have helped that much :/

> (I still think the LXR link should be renamed "Platform source-code"
> or something like that.)

Yeah, if you are not already familiar with the system it could say XYZ
instead and not make a difference...

Kalle Vahlman, zuh at iki.fi
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