[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] SDK vs. device: libSM and libICE

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at movial.fi
Date: Wed Aug 30 16:26:59 EEST 2006

> My point is that the libs are only in the maemo repository. They are not 
> on the device or the catalogue.tableteer.nokia.com repository. I do not
> want to install them on the device since I don't even need them. They
> are just linked because they are found on the SDK. And you can not
> uninstall them in the SDK because xlibs-dev depends on them.

SDK is (mainly) a distro for developing/building packages.  Build distro
needs to have build dependencies, also for building the build dependencies.
It can also have extra stuff like Python bindings etc. that is not found on
the device...

I think there should be a minimal SDK which contains only the stuff
needed for package management and getting packages from the repository.
Then there should be a meta-package that pulls in only those packages
from the SDK distro that are also present on the target + their -dev
packages.  Hm.  The extra stuff should actually be in the repo and
not in the default SDK image.

Or if the normal application' build deps pull in also the stuff that
is not on the target, then those build-deps' dependencies (xlibs-dev)
need to be fixed...

	- Eero

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