[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Scratchbox is not an emulator

From: Christian Pernegger pernegger at gmail.com
Date: Wed Aug 30 19:00:47 EEST 2006
> You can remove the applications on the device and replace them with open source
> alternatives (e.g. Notes with Leafpad).

Didn't know that was easily possible.

> Or were you expecting to be able to legally take the whole Nokia product
> SW and commission some Chinese HW manafacturer to make cheap rip-offs
> maybe...? :-)

Not that funny. While I have personally neither interest or capital
for doing a clone, having a truly open platform ultimately includes
the possibility of clones.

>  IMHO the open part is more interesting than the proprietary one. :-)

By definition ...I had expected only the necessary parts (some codecs,
maybe BT & WiFi drivers) to be proprietary.

> What I intended to get across, is that nobody's yet provided that
> open and convenient development platform for embedded Linux with
> a full package managment system.

No, and neither has Nokia yet. The thing has got loads of potential,
but as you say

> it will take time.

> Embedded Linux is not easy, it's flexible and free.

True. Which is why I was wondering about alterative paths ( e. g. a
system built upon one main interpreted language + JIT compiler )
because I'm not so sure "easy" porting of applications is worth more
than easy developent in general. Now if I could build packages from
most every source deb that compiles in Debian arm ... mmm :)


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