[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Re: Scratchbox is not an emulator

From: Christian Pernegger pernegger at gmail.com
Date: Wed Aug 30 20:55:44 EEST 2006
> Some of the applications on the 770 are not open for various reasons

There were a few examples of stuff that might understandably be closed
in my last post, feel free to add Opera to that, even Flash if you
like (as old as the supplied version is, one of the FOSS re-writes
might give it a run for its money, though ^^)

>From reading this list and the fact that the chroot environment is
quite bare I got the impression that even stuff Nokia did not license
from other companies but develop themselves was closed as well -- that
might well be wrong, so I'll go look through the svn before I say
anything else :)


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