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From: vern vern at riseup.net
Date: Thu Aug 31 00:18:47 EEST 2006
Paulo Pires wrote:
> Ola,
> Ubuntu took time to get where it is and it was heavily funded as it is 
> today.
Mmm..I don' t think funding has much to do with it. It has to do with
approach. Ubuntu sees the distribution model  from a different
perspective,completely the opposite from normal business practices ->
Invest heavily (I am not just talking money) in the community side with
the plan on making it an economic asset later. This has generated the
sort of publicity I imagine Nokia would love  and it seems to be working
out financially too  (IBM DB2, Sun  SPARC  support and so on).
This is a good read on Ubuntu's Community strategy:
> Ok, things are not as OPEN as some of us expected but I see a lot of 
> good will and a great effort in order to get things alive and kicking.
lots of great OSS developers coming onboard too...for sure there is good
effort and goodwill so we need to ask why it sometimes feels like
pulling teeth getting things done
> One thing is for sure, for costumers Nokia 770 will have a longer and 
> heathier life than usual internet tablets/PDAs cause it's a great tool 
> which is getting richer as the time goes by. For OSS hackers, that's 
> another story which only time will solve.. but with good 
> opinions/suggestions/critics, and not flame wars, right? ;-)
you said it ;)

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