[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Re: RE: [maemo-users] Future features for Maemo Desktop (Task Navigator, Home, Status bar)?

From: Danny Milosavljevic danny_milo at yahoo.com
Date: Thu Aug 31 03:20:12 EEST 2006

Traditional as I am when it comes to GUIs, I'd like to have a panel like
this (think icons instead of text in the following):

[All Applications]

Each of those shall be a launcher.
If one of them were running, it shall be marked as such:

[Web (1)]
[All Applications]

Clicking on a launcher when 
1) application is already running and
2) application is marked as unique-instance
should cause the existing application window to be activated.

Clicking on a launcher when 
1) application is already running and
2) application is NOT marked as unique-instance
should cause a menu to pop up that lets you
1) activate the existing application window(s) or
2) launch another instance of it

The "Application" entry is supposed to open the application menu (for all
the rest of the applications). 
If user then launches an application using the menu rather than from
a panel launcher, it should add a taskbar entry for it to the panel (panel
= taskbar, taskbar = panel :)). 

If user then drags this taskbar entry to where the launchers are /
says "create shortcut" from the popup menu, it shall become a launcher and
not vanish from the panel automatically ever again. Otherwise it will
vanish as soon as the application is quit.

That's what I see the panel as. Basically all I have on my desktop is the
panel. No separate taskbar (in the traditional sense), no separate tray
area, no window list menu... just a panel.
But this panel will allow me to access all my 
1) favourite applications
2) running applications

If now an application wanted to do a status-like display, it would just
modify its own icon, so
3) status displays

Note that as the number of panel icons grows, the size of panel icons
should go down, so that one essentially never runs out of panel space.

That's what my current experiment on my desktop pc is like, too...

Haha. As if anyone else would find that sane :-)

But anyway. That's what I find most useable. I'm probably in the (1
person?) minority in that, though :)


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