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From: Kuosmanen Tuomas (Nokia-M/Helsinki) Tuomas.Kuosmanen at nokia.com
Date: Thu Aug 31 10:44:55 EEST 2006
On Wed, 2006-08-30 at 15:26 -0400, ext vern wrote:

> Moving away from the 'working on the product (which is hidden under a 
> sheet in warehouse 2) which we roll out to the community on 
> {insert_date}'  for contributions type of OSS development that still 
> happens at Nokia .
> Make us (the community) feel that suggestions/criticism's are listened 
> to and *acted* on if necessary.

The "sardine" project is an attempt to solve this problem - to give you,
the community a more open access to the daily life and progress of the
platform as it evolves, and to make us inside more compatible with you,
the community.

It takes time to change things though, wish us luck and speak loudly
when Right Things happen and you are happy about it, that helps. :)

> Where is the user submitted artwork,themes. I submit my artwork where?
> The planet http://planet.maemo.org/ needs some love and attention to say 
> the least

There is nothing stopping people from making themes, it's just quite
hard because the theme config and the desktop are tied pretty firmly
together, thus installing regular gtk themes is not going to work - a
lot more needs to be defined in the gtkrc. 

In any case, Urho has helped a lot with his Thememaker, that enables
artists to create themes, and I tried to help him so now thememaker
writes .deb packages that can be installed directly with the application
installer. That's pretty darn cool imho.

We want to release the "master template" of the skin in sardine so that
the community does not have to play follow-up with new development, but
themes can rathre be done using the newest spec right from the start.

Something like a web-based cgi that would take a template png and would
then spit out a theme .deb would be pretty rad too. These are things in
my head that I have discussed with some other guys. But I know stuff
sometimes takes time, and thus I rather not brag about what we want to
do before the stuff actually happens, since words alone do not help


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