[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] Java on 770

From: Luis Montes monteslu at cox.net
Date: Sat Dec 2 20:13:16 EET 2006
Michael Dominic Kostrzewa wrote:
> IMHO, part of the success[1] of mono is the fact that it uses (can use)
> Gtk almost natively. People who know Gtk can jump on the bandwagon
> instantly, benefiting from the C# object-oriented features without
> "losing" any C knowledge. 
> Again, maybe I'm just not looking into the right places... but has
> anyone actually managed to achieve this (kind of) UI-abstraction with
> Java? I mean -- is is possible to run those games for mobile phones on
> linux/windows desktop? Can I run the gmail java-client for symbian on a
> linux/windows desktop? I don't think so, since google even seems to be
> bundling a separate version of the gmail-app for every 
> version of symbian. 

I'm not a j2me expert, but most people don't run j2me apps on the 
desktop because desktops have resources enough to run a full JVM.
If you're running a j2me app on the desktop it is usually for 
development purposes.

The 770 is different because it has a nice screen and decent resolution, 
but a full JVM would be a little excessive. IMHO, a hildonized j2me  
with full access to the device's hardware would be perfect.

The GNU/classpath community has done a great job using GTK to create an 
open source java stack, but j2me wasn't really part of that development 
effort.  It is not quite as simple as taking a subset of classpath and 
hildonizing the gtk part, but having Sun's code now for the MIDP stuff 
might help.


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