[maemo-developers] [maemo-developers] upgrading base packages from third party repositories

From: Santtu Lakkala inz at inz.fi
Date: Tue Dec 5 18:26:14 EET 2006
Marius Vollmer wrote:
> That way lays madness. :) You shouldn't turn a real package into a
> virtual package willy-nilly.  For example, Provides can't talk about
> versions.  I think it is not really possible to have one package
> masquerade as another package cleanly.

Well yes, that way does lay madness or "that way there be monsters", and
yes it will probably break. But so will having only Conflicts too.
Should've started with "*** DON'T DO THIS *** If you choose to ignore
the warning...". =)

Santtu Lakkala

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